Where the land meets the sea, is where Art Anderson excels. Art Anderson delivers design and engi- neering services for waterfront structures. Whether you’re designing a marina for pleasure craft, engi- neering a breakwater for harbor protection, planning a floating structure or developing a shoreline in- dustrial facility requiring large vessel moorage, you can be confident in our team.

Other Services Provided:

  • Pile Supported Structures
  • Pile Restrained Floats
  • Sheet Pile
  • Shore Armoring
  • Boat Houses
  • Berthing and Fendering
  • Quay Walls
  • Fueling and Pump Floats
  • Gangways and Transfer Spans
  • Waterfront Utilities
  • Caissons
  • Vessel Maintenance Facilities
  • Marine Outfalls



Art Anderson has successfully created design and permit strategies for the establishment of waterfront parks, shore- line protection systems and other shorefront facilities. The authorization process for shoreline projects can be complex and requires specific knowledge and experience for successful completion.


We consider the entire system and process in any of our marina-related projects. We recognize that marina and har- bor protection projects involve navigating a complex regulatory minefield. Any sort of over-the-water construction requires the utmost diligence in protecting water resources and minimizing impact on the local environment. In addi- tion to the planning and design of the marina floats and piers themselves, we are experts in the design of floating breakwaters.

Ferry Terminals

Our firm understands the challenges of building not only in the shoreline environment itself, but the unique aspects of passenger ferry terminal design. Issues of mooring and access, passenger circulation, ADA accessibility and sustainabil- ity are areas in which our team has significant expertise.

Floating & Fixed Wall Breakwaters

We have significant practical design experience with floating facilities that include ferry terminals, marinas, and break- waters. We have designed structures that span from relatively small, simple facilities like fuel floats through complex and challenging systems like the ship-to-shore causeway system we designed for the U.S. Navy. As is common with floating systems of many types, we make use of technology and software for hydrodynamic modeling to ensure safety and reliability.

Mooring Analysis & Design

Art Anderson team of hydrodynamicists and structural engineers know what it takes to keep something in place on the water. From pile systems that hold floats in place for marinas and docking systems, to pile dolphining to assist large vessel mooring at ferry terminals, we have the knowledge and skills to make sure piles are driven correctly. We also have experience with anchored mooring systems designed to hold heavy tonnage in place.