Art Anderson  is a Veteran Owned Small Business with over sixty years of experience providing Value Beyond Engineering®. A multi-discipline engineering services firm, the company has a broad range of expertise and experience that lends itself to unique engineering and design challenges. We focus on developing client relationships for the long term so your projects always receive our highest level of attention. From project pre-planning all the way through construction, from ships at sea to buildings on shore and everywhere in-between, Art Anderson has the ability to exceed your expectations of what a small business firm can provide.

Industrial Facility Engineering

With a 30 year history supporting US military installations, we understand the needs of industrial mechanical and electrical engineering design. At Art Anderson, we deliver engineering and design solutions tailored for renovation, modernization, repair and new construction of industrial commercial and military facilities utilizing traditional, design-build and design-bid-build project delivery methods.

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Construction Management

Our personnel have extensive technical and practical experience in support of construction management projects. We apply a disciplined, systematic approach and have successfully managed construction for the federal government, municipalities, school districts, port districts, housing authorities and private owners. These services have ranged from pre-design through full third-party construction management. Our work includes building evaluation reports, prospectus development studies, design/constructability reviews, value engineering analyses and pre-construction conferences through final punch list and commissioning services.

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Vessel Design & Refurbishment

As industry leaders in marine structural analysis, Art Anderson designs workboats, ferries, military crafts and barges. But when the life of a ship is measured in decades, success in a vessel program comes in maintaining a vessel’s mission effectiveness throughout its service life.

Our naval architecture/marine engineering practice emphasizes working within an existing ship envelope to deliver clients superior value throughout the life cycle of their vessel investment. Engine replacement and re-powering, space modifications, HVAC and mechanical systems upgrades and electronic and computer system installations are just some of the types of vessel renovation projects we like to take on.

Waterfront Structures

Our heavy marine civil engineers focus their practice on near-shore engineering. This practice includes fixed and floating piers, recreational facilities, transportation facilities, harbor protection, and working waterfronts such as boatyards, dry docks, and other heavy industrial shoreline projects.  The nature of these projects makes them universally sensitive with respect to environmental issues and potential impacts.  Our team, to be successful in engineering waterfront structures, has developed a very strong knowledge and capability with project mitigation efforts that are high value to our clients.

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Floating Structures

The naval architecture and marine engineering professions aren’t just for powered vessels. Art Anderson is an industry leader in applying the lessons of the profession to floating facilities and structures. Barges and other floating structures often require unique engineering to serve a specialized need.  Our combination of marine and shore side expertise brings unique value to these projects.  Our naval architects and marine engineers address issues of trim and stability, structural design, marine mechanical systems, and applicable marine regulatory body standards.  Our facilities architects and engineers tackle issues of access and moorage, uplands site development and utility connections, and applicable shoreline and land-based development codes, standards and regulations.  Working as an integrated team through many projects, we offer a highly-integrated, collaborative environment that can address the variety of unique challenges that face non-powered floating infrastructure projects.

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Vessel Construction Management

We work hard to represent the interests of our client, whether it is an owner or boat builder, to ensure a successful project outcome for all stakeholders. We understand the design and we understand the construction process assisting our clients from pre-bid to post construction. Our defined project management and quality control process ensure your design is built as intended.


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