Art Anderson offers Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Services beyond vessel renovations, repairs, and improvements. We have a high degree of expertise in ferry systems, barges, non-powered floating structures/systems and anything else that is water based. Since our founding in 1957, Art Anderson has supported marine projects.

Other Services Provided:

  • Marina/Breakwater/Wave Screens
  • Buoy Systems and Moorage
  • Underwater Utility Systems
  • Regulatory Permitting
  • Work/Crane Barge Design, Stability, and Mooring


Research & Development

We maintain a research and development group that is on the cutting edge of emerging technologies and approaches to marine challenges. For over ten years, and spanning more than a dozen contracts, we have investigated a number of technologies and approaches in the areas of high-speed sealift, riverine assault systems, marine vessel constructa- bility, and floating off and onshore platforms.

Ship & Marine Systems

As industry leaders in marine structural analysis, Art Anderson designs workboats, ferries, military crafts, and barges. But when the life of a ship is measured in decades, success in a vessel program comes in maintaining a vessel’s mission effectiveness throughout its service life.

Our naval architecture/marine engineering practice emphasizes working within an existing ship envelope to deliver clients superior value throughout the life cycle of their vessel investment. Engine replacement, arrangement reconfigu- ration, HVAC and mechanical systems upgrades, lifting and handling appliances (cranes, davits, winches), and electron- ic and computer system installations are just some of the types of vessel renovation projects we like to take on.

Floating Structures

To be considered an expert in a certain field is hard to accomplish, but our team has become just that when it comes to Floating Fish Collection Systems. Completing design packages for XX new floating systems and following through with the construction phases of XX of them, Art Anderson is well known for our innovative designs. If you see a floating fish collection system in the northwest, odds are our team designed it. These systems require a great deal of collabora- tion between fish biologists, fluid hydraulics engineers, and naval architects to work properly. The team we’ve assem- bled with our partners has the knowledge to put together the perfect package every time.

New Vessel Design

Art Anderson has a diverse portfolio of new vessel designs that includes passenger and vehicle ferries, landing craft, military and police vessels, barges and other floating structures developed for clients like the Illinois Department of Transportation, Kitsap Transit, Clackamas County and others. For clients looking to build new, we can customize one of our existing designs, or start from scratch and develop an entirely new one that effectively meets the vessel’s intended mission.

Research Vessels

Over our many decades of experience, we have provided crucial services for the repair, refitting, modification, and new construction of numerous large and small vessels owned and operated by the Federal, State and Local govern- ment agencies. Specific to research vessels, Art Anderson has a very long history of providing engineering support to owners and shipyards. One of our longest standing customers in the research vessel field has been the National Ocean- ic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). We have provided naval architecture and marine engineering services for hundreds of assignments in support of the NOAA’s fleet of federally funded research vessels. These projects have ranged from large, complex, major conversion, and refitting projects to small, straight-forward, single-discipline or quick-reaction tasks.