Interns – A Yearly Tradition

Interns – A Yearly Tradition. For decades, Art Anderson has welcomed interns into the office for a summer of projects and experiences. We believe that interns provide us with as much knowledge as we do to them. For 3-4 short months, these students become part of our team. Whether it’s on the Marine side helping with stability analyses, or on the A&E side going on site visits – the interns are encouraged to help the team succeed.

They have gained some insight in originating design work, performing calculations, and preparing drawings, reports, trade-off studies, and other technical documentation in real projects. We offer our interns a balance of freedom to operate independently within their own limits while under the guidance and mentorship that ensures they grow technically and in leadership.

Recent interns have this to say about their experiences working at Art Anderson:

“Projects that Art Anderson works on are not traditional and repetitive, the FSS brought new challenges that required the knowledge of a Naval Architect to be applied differently and in new ways.”  – Clark, 2019 Intern

“I gained a lot of experience using GHS, Rhino, AutoCAD and writing technical specifications for real and meaningful work assignments. It wasn’t just busy work.” – Sai, 2021 Intern

“I got a lot of hands-on experience and knowledge with various engineering skills and programs, especially with GHS. I enjoyed working on the damage stability analysis for the DSSV Pressure Drop – it was challenging sometimes, but always interesting. I also thought it was very valuable to see how interactions with clients work and how an engineering consulting firm function.” – Henry, 2022 Intern

Interns Who Stick Around

We encourage our interns to come back and become a full-time coworker. Currently, we have four people that started as interns and now are in upper management positions or working towards their Professionals Engineers (PE) License:

  • Sean Hoynes, PE – 40 years tenure and is now the Chief Engineer
  • Marty McKay, PE – 20 years tenure and is the VP of Marine Engineering
  • Jeff Walker – 17 years tenure and is now the CAD Team Lead
  • Madison Asaro, EIT – just over a year at Art Anderson, and is currently working towards getting her PE

With summer coming to a close and students returning to classrooms and dorms, it’s hard to imagine summer internships being on their minds. Here at Art Anderson, we are already getting ready to welcome next year’s intern. Reach out to [email protected] if you are interested in becoming an intern in Summer 2023.