Guiding Principles: Art Anderson’s Mission, Vision, and Values


Photo by Heidi Fin on Unsplash

In the heart of Art Anderson, lies a compass that never wavers—a compass formed by our mission, vision, and values. These are more than mere statements; they are guiding forces, providing us with clear and concise direction. Our Mission, Vision and Values play a significant role in shaping an organization’s identity, culture, and direction.

Recently, each member of our team was given a tangible reminder of these guiding principles as a daily connection to our shared purpose. Having the constant reminder on hand helps us remember our roles and contributes to a unified sense of purpose.

Mission and Vision Statements: Foundations of Purpose

Mission and vision statements are the keystones of any organization’s foundation. They encapsulate the essence of who we are, what we stand for, and where we aspire to go. Think of them as the North Star and the map—a constant reference point and the roadmap that guides us.

At Art Anderson, our mission and vision are more than words; they are our creed. They embody our dedication to our craft, to innovation, and to our clients. Every day, we rise with the purpose of delivering expert solutions that transcend challenges and exceed expectations, all achieved through innovative engineering and design. Our vision stretches even further, as we set our sights on becoming the unequivocal leaders in our industry—forging partnerships, driving results, and etching a legacy defined by excellence.

Mission Statement: Guiding Our Present

We deliver expert solutions to our customers’ challenges and desires through innovative engineering and design.

Vision Statement: Envisioning Our Future

To become THE recognized solutions and service leaders in our industry bringing results to our customers through innovative engineering and design, while building long-term relationships.

Values: Building a Positive Organizational Culture

Do What Inspires Us: We don’t just do what’s required; we embrace what ignites our passion and creativity.

Be Innovative: Our spirit thrives on innovation, pushing boundaries, and redefining possibilities.

Deliver What We Promise: Our word is our bond. We stand by our commitments, ensuring trust and credibility in every endeavor.

Invest in Relationships and Partnerships: Building bridges is as vital as building structures. We cultivate connections that endure and partnerships that flourish.

Love Where You Work and What You Do: We champion the holistic well-being of our team, nurturing both personal and professional growth, for it is from content hearts that exceptional workflows.

Cultivating Our Future: The Path Ahead

Mission Vision Purpose Values GraphicOur mission, vision, and values are living, breathing entities that evolve with us. Regularly, our leadership team converges to calibrate our compass, ensuring that our culture remains a reflection of these ideals and growth.

As we navigate through the currents of an ever-changing world, we hold fast to our mission and vision. These statements are not just on paper; they are in our work, our mind, and our ethic. Together, they empower us to exceed limits, embrace innovation, and build upon our 66 year legacy. Our team is committed to maintaining a positive, service-oriented view of its future.

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The journey of Art Anderson is an embodiment of purpose. With our mission as our guide, our vision as our destination, and our values as our compass, we set forth, eager to shape a future that echoes our aspirations.