Art Anderson wins AE Services GAOA MATOC

Floating Surface Collector in water

Floating Surface Collector

Art Anderson is Awarded AE Services GAOA MATOC!! Our team is excited to be included as an awardee for the US Dept of Interior’s Architectural and Engineering Services MATOC (Multiple Award Task Order Contract) (AE Services GAOA MATOC). This contract will last 5 years and gives us the opportunity to support projects for multiple agencies including U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Project Types in the AE Services GAOA MATOC

This contract covers a broad range of projects, everything from visitor centers to water supply intakes and outfall structures, dams and trails, and other mechanical and electrical projects. All projects are grouped into six different types:

  • Architectural Services for the planning, designing, construction and repair of buildings such as visitor centers, administration buildings, bunkhouses, shop buildings, residences, storage buildings, and fire cache buildings.
  • Fisheries Engineering including investigation, study and design of water supply intakes and outfall structures, debris and fish screens, tanks and raceways, water treatment facilities, hatchery buildings, sorting and holding facilities, flumes, canals and spawning channels, aquatic organism passage design including fish ladders, fish traps, and fish screens.
  • Civil Earthwork Projects including dams, dikes, levees, berms, canals, water control structures, roads, trails, building site grading, and slope stability studies and designs.
  • Mechanical Engineering Services to support architectural and fisheries projects including design for water and sewage systems, HVAC systems, fire suppression systems, pumps, and wells.
  • Electrical Engineering Services to support architectural and fisheries projects including power distribution, emergency backup systems, electronics, computer systems, generators, telecommunications, control systems, alarm and security systems, and instrumentation.
  • Other Facility and Infrastructure Projects including boardwalks, observation platforms, docks, piers, boat ramps, bridges and bulkheads.

Art Anderson Capabilities

The Art Anderson team will provide various services including: architectural, civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural design, construction administration, inspection, aquaculture systems, general and environmental studies, value engineering, energy conservation design practices, as well as other types of A-E services. Our mix of landside and marine expertise allows us to tackle unique and challenging projects on land and water. Our naval architects and marine engineers have intimate knowledge of floating structures and ship systems, while our facilities architects and engineers understand the challenges of land-based structures and site development.

We teamed with HDR, Inc., GeoEngineers, Inc., Veltre Engineering and Rider Levett Bucknall to present a team that is capable to respond to any project.

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