65 Years in an Accomplishment Worth Celebrating

October 21, 2022

Art Anderson has reached our 65th Anniversary Milestone, an accomplishment worth celebrating. Our longevity can be attributed to many things… the ability to adapt to the constant change and growth of technology, the support of a tight community and our reputation of delivering successful projects. In truth, it comes down to relationships. Our relationships with our clients and our community.

35 Year Old Words that are Still Relevant Today

Recently, we came across an article from 1985 that was written by Eric Anderson, previous Owner of Art Anderson Associates, that we still find relevant today:

“Some things just don’t change. The happiness last week at having two clients come in through the doors with work was contagious. More stratifying to me was reflecting on their reasons for doing business with us. Neither appeared to expect other than fair prices. Both chose Art Anderson Associates with trust in our commitment to their success. Other work coming into the office necessitate recalling some folks from home and CDI. Their readiness to come to work created the same feeling of satisfaction. In one case, having Marcia, who makes it a priority that people have “a pencil” when they need one to get their work done, made a difference. Another has a preference towards our firm that implies his identity with company beliefs.

Without stating it, our orientation to the success of people associated with Art Anderson Associates is visible. Past projects like the Bremerton Community Theater or M/V KLOCKITAT were “first tries” and successes for our customers. For student/employees we can look to John Carlson and Art Mikelsen to reflect on the value of educational policies. I am pressed to differentiate between our and their success.

Beyond Art Anderson Associates and its clients are our associates in business and our neighbors in the communities in which we work and live. The motivation to share in their goals is harder for me to put into words. It can be good business to do so. Art Anderson Associates involvement in the Seattle Chamber of Commerce is good business. Participating in its maritime committee, however, is also good citizenship. Having six employees as volunteer workers on the drive to build a new YMCA is working for the success of our community. The list of other employee contributions of time is longer than you may realize because supporting the success of others is a modest endeavor. It is also a part of what is Art Anderson Associates.

I want to acknowledge your attitude and its benefit to the future of the firm, other employees, and people we associate with. It is a thrill for me to witness the results of your commitment, be it an old ship brought to life, a drafter metamorphized into a skilled designer or creating a better community in which to live or work. We often cannot choose our attitude. It seems to me to be the glue that sustains the company.”

Eric Anderson, Former President
Originally published in July 1985 in the Anchorlines (Art Anderson’s internal newsletter)

Years later, this article still describes the culture within Art Anderson. Sure, people have changed, and locations, but the meaning behind the words remains the same. The core values, established 65 years ago, continue to lead our organization. Do what inspires us. Be innovative. Deliver what we promise. Invest in relationships and partnerships. Love where you work and what you do.

65th Anniversary Milestone

When Ben Anderson took leadership in 2013, he envisioned building upon the reputation Art Anderson had earned and be the best company we were capable of. The mission continues to be a transparent company that celebrates the successes of our clients.

After 65 years, and 3 generations of Andersons, Art Anderson has overcome many obstacles. With the obstacles comes growth, strength and determination. At this 65th Anniversary Milestone, Art Anderson continues to be firmly grounded in engineering design with a unique array of disciplines and has set the stage for improving the industry of engineering. Experienced in both landslide and seaside engineering disciplines, Art Anderson can address all engineering challenges. From project preplanning through construction, from ships at sea to buildings on shore and everywhere in-between, Art Anderson will exceed your expectations of what a single firm can provide.